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The cornerstone of any business continuity and disaster recovery plan is the reliable replication of critical company data. Not only must data be backed up regularly, it should also be kept at a secure, accessible off-site location.

Link introduces its CloudBackup service, a Bermuda based managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) that offers an enterprise grade fully automated, scalable and reliable backup solution built to meet all of your exact requirements.

Link CloudBackup offers a hardware backup appliance that provides a complete backup, restore and disaster recovery solution for enterprise data. The appliance backs up the data onsite and is available as a physical or virtual appliance both with cloud storage included. Link appliances protect data residing on all of the major operating systems and virtual machine environments found in enterprise computing environments. The Link CloudBackup platform is built on Enterprise grade hardware and is located in Bermuda’s most state of the art Data Center at Link Teleport.

The Link CloudBackup service includes a hardware backup appliance that is installed at the customer site. All customer on-site servers and workstations are backed up to the on-site backup appliance. The appliance then replicates the stored contents to a replication appliance at the Link Cloud platform. Pricing is based on a consumption model and includes all hardware, software and Cloud services in a single monthly charge.

Service highlights include:
  • Provides full backup of a customer’s data with version history
  • A powerful and easy to use administrator’s dashboard
  • Automatically backs up data onsite and offsite
  • Revolutionary operating system
  • Mobile app allows anytime and anywhere management of backups
  • Support for all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows (32 & 64 bit), OS X (Apple), Linux, Unix and VMWare.
Features of CloudBackup include:
  • Provides full backup of a customer’s data with version history that lets you roll back to any previous backup date you choose
  • A powerful and easy to use administrator's dashboard makes it simple to manage
  • Automatic active-passive replication where a primary physical or virtual appliance backs up data at one site and replicates that backed up data to a second passive physical or virtual appliance at a second site, or to the cloud
  • Automatic active-active replication where each site has a primary physical or virtual appliance that backs up that site and a passive appliance that receives a backup of the other site's primary appliance. Appliances can be physically distant, providing for disaster recovery in case of disaster at one site
  • Agentless or "host level" backup of virtual machines, so a customer can back up virtual machines without requiring any software to be installed on the individual virtual machines. Options for backup/restore of entire virtual machine image or specific subsets of data
  • Bare Metal Backup and Restore for physical or virtual servers
  • Dashboard apps for Apple and Android mobile devices make it easy for mobile administrators to manage the appliances
  • Agent-based backup of physical servers, regardless of virtual platform, operating system or type of storage
  • Support for all major server operating systems including Linux, Unix, VMWare, Netware, Windows and OS X (Apple)
  • File de-duplication with up to 10X reduction in backed up data size makes for highly efficient backups. File block de-duplication provides additional reduction in backed up data size
  • Removable archive drive enables a customer to remove a hard drive from the physical appliance and store it off site in a secure location
  • Host-level virtual machine backup, with no –per socket pricing
Some of the reasons why you should choose Link CloudBackup:


Say goodbye to manual, complex and laborious tape backup tasks. Even if you have managed to backup your data consistently with a tape system, that’s only half of the process. To truly protect your backup data, you also must move it offsite.


Businesses rely heavily on their data and need access to it even if disaster strikes. With Link CloudBackup, your data is copied on the onsite appliance and double protected on our Bermuda based Cloud platform.


Businesses recognize their fiduciary responsibility to protect critical data assets. Link CloudBackup enables you to automatically move your data offsite to a secure facility. This is a requirement for many businesses.

Predictable costs

Link CloudBackup allows businesses to reduce, if not eliminate, the need for capital on storage capacity associated with backup processes. With a subscription-based pricing model, the cost associated with your backup becomes a more predictable operational expenditure.

Hardware Appliance Service Installation Monthly Price (per TB)
1TB 2TB 3-5TB 6-10TB 10+TB
Includes hardware backup appliance, backup agent software licensing, virtual backup appliance. $995 $759 $659 $549 $439 $329
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